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Gain financial foresight for hardware sizing and costs

Addressing the CFO team, IT Architect and DevOps

CloudMeson financial analytics platform provides TCO and Cash-flow analysis, while producing hardware sizing estimates, on application level 

Gain Financial Confidence with CloudMeson

Our financial  algorithms projects future IT infrastructure costs on application level, in terms of Cashflow and TCO for on-premise and cloud providers

Hardware sizing analytics

Our analysis provides financial visibility for application Infrastructure requirement in terms of Cashflow and TCO, illustrating best/worst case scenarios for increased financial confidence covering all architectural aspects

Multi-Criteria IT Compatibility Analysis

Our IT analytics algorithm intersects application requirements and the cloud providers’ service configurations, while weighing IT specs differences for an overall solution equivalency

Getting Engineering, Finance, and FinOps on the same page

Our platform allows to get different teams on the same page, by providing holistic understanding using common language, combining both technical and financial view

Financial Diagnostics

We offer a financial diagnosis – displaying both future Cashflow and TCO prior to any applicational deployment, considering business and application requirements

We Take Pride in Our Results


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Ready to Gain Financial Confidence?

At CloudMeson, we provide the expertise and tools you need to gain financial confidence in your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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