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Our platform provides financial insight supporting decision-making processes at any level

Our Services

Application Architect & System Analyst

Our financial simulation provides Cashflow & TCO for high/low IT costs

The platform interprets the workload and generates 2 IBOM scenarios by high/low application demand estimates

Geared by capacity & complexity, supporting levels of resolutions and business requirements, based on application specifics 

Financial Business Expert

Access quick and straightforward financial assessments, emphasizing business perspective

The platform produces application financial analysis led by business terms

We provide IT cost comparison by Cashflow & TCO by various Cloud providers and On-Premise deployment

Infrasructure Architect & DevOps

Applicational holistic cost assessment at IBOM level with highest level of accuracy 

Ability to to define and compare application IBOM down to specifics and to modify platform's proposed specification  

Bespoke Consulting

We provide IT financial consulting services accompanying CloudMeson's analytical platform. Our team of experts is always ready to help you with any pertinent business challenges


Why Choose CloudMeson?

At CloudMeson, we understand the importance of financial foresight when it comes to application deployment.


Our services allow for a comprehensive analysis of application characteristics, allowing for best and worst case business scenarios, providing our clients with full financial visibility and confidence prior to making any decision.

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